Welcome to the website of the Luxor Archaeological Heritage Foundation , a non-profit organisation aimed at providing financial support for the TT45 Project of the Leiden University Mission to the Theban Necropolis. The team is directed by Dr. Carina van den Hoven and undertakes fieldwork in Theban Tomb 45 (TT45) in Sheikh Abd el-Qurna, a UNESCO World Heritage Site on the west bank of the Nile, opposite modern Luxor.

The main aims of the fieldwork project in Theban Tomb 45 are to carry out conservation, documentation, publication, art historical analysis, archaeological study, heritage preservation and site management activities. The acquired data are documented and published using the most recent tools and developments in the field of Digital Humanities. As such, this project aims to contribute significantly to the development and application of non-invasive imaging tools and digital technologies to Egyptological site documentation and publication. The project also provides opportunities for further training of young Egyptian archaeologists in archaeological research, site documentation and conservation.

The fieldwork project is funded by the Gerda Henkel Stiftung . A special pilot project on the application of digital technologies is sponsored by the Netherlands Institute for the Near East (Leiden University) , and the Leiden University Centre for Digital Humanities . We closely cooperate with the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities and with the Luxor Inspectorate of Antiquities in studying and preserving Egypt’s cultural heritage. We thank all the members of the Ministry of Antiquities and the Luxor Inspectorate of Antiquities for their continued support and assistance. We also thank our colleagues at the Department of Egyptology, Leiden University and at the Netherlands-Flemish Institute in Cairo for their support and assistance.

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Theban Tomb 45: Djehuty and his mother receiving offerings. © TT45 Project, Matjaz Kacicnik.